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I come humbly bearing a fic~

Title: Sleeping Beauty: A Night Flight Production
Author: isumi ‘kivic’ a.k.a isumi_ilde
Characters/Pairing: Sugata/Takuto, Sugata+Wako+Takuto, bits of Kou/Madoka, cameo appearances by—uh, most of the Glittering Crux members and the island maidens.
Warning: Un-beta-ed, innumerable grammar mistakes, shounen-ai, dragging pace, possible OOC-ness and phail crack.
Disclaimer: I do not own Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto, and made no profit out of this. The general idea of Sugata being the Sleeping Beauty came from my soulmate rizuka.

A/N: I’ve been working on this monster of a fic for months, I don’t even. I really, really tried to make this a one-shot, but it kept growing and I resigned myself to another multi-chaptered fic. This was fun to work on, but once I hit a stump, this would be ignored for weeks so I thought, screw it, let’s just go with the flow and post it.

This is for rizuka who relentlessly dragged me into watching Star Driver, and for the Sugata to my Takuto, azureila. Thank you for keeping the flame of love burning, my dears! xDDD I hope you enjoy this shitty piece my brain managed to blork out in the midst of research and all.

"What are you talking about?" Sugata smirked, bunching up his gown in his hand and pull it up to his knees, revealing a pair of sneakers his feet snugly fit into.
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Fandub clips for the lolz!

I've finished mixing some funny fandub clips of the show, so I thought y'all might want to see them! =D

Ep. 3 clip: "Wako the Fujoshi" (0:51)

STREAM @ my own server w00t

DOWNLOAD @ Mediafire (AVI 7 MB)
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Ep. 5 clip: "Fanservice Mode" (2:13)

STREAM @ my own server w00t

DOWNLOAD @ Mediafire (AVI 37 MB)
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Oh, and a bonus (that I almost forgot, erg):

Galactic Bloopers! (1:01)

These are bloopers collected from both the trailer fandub I did a while back and these clips. So, there's two different Sugata VAs included in this, heheh =P

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Still taking Pre-Orders for Star Driver Deformed figures.
Estimated Release Date is May 2011

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I've added Scarlet Kiss, who was missing and I haven't noticed, to the list :3

Here's my feedbacks for my personal sales page.

Thank you for looking!

Fanlistings ❤

Hello everyone! ^o^

Since I just finished Wako's fanlisting, I thought to post here this one, the one dedicated to her relationship with Takuto ❤ and one for Sarina made by dorothy_chan ! :D I hope you'll like them and feel free to join, if you want to! ❤

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I Came With Fanart

Hi, I recently joined this community and I thought I should introduce myself with a bit of fanart I drew. Star Driver is just so awesome to watch, I'll be curious to see how the series ends.

I tried drawing Wako and Vice the other day, and it turned out rather well. I'll have to try drawing Takuto and Sugata next. ^_^

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